Vince has been invaluable to me in my role as General Counsel. He has helped me review contracts, negotiate settlements, and draft demand letters. He is the first person I go to for help with any litigation or potential litigation needs. Perhaps most importantly, he is an excellent sounding board for many of the decisions I need to make in my company, whether they be explicitly legal or business related. His many years of experience come through loud and clear when working with him, and his calm demeanor and expertise in legal issues make him a pleasure to work with.

— – Daniele Schiffman, General Counsel, Indo-Mim Inc.

I enjoyed working closely with Vincent for many years. He has a unique combination of sophisticated legal acumen and exceptional organization skills which makes him an invaluable asset in complex litigation cases. He also has a deep understanding of the legal and practical issues surrounding a case and can reliably navigate through issues to protect the client’s best interests. I would highly recommend him to anyone in need of a litigation attorney.

— – Michael F. Spielberger, Esquire, Spielberger & Buzzelli LLC

Vince has represented our businesses and family for more than 25 years and has always been there for us. He is an important member of our team in many areas of the law. Vince is an excellent attorney.

— – Michael J Crowley, CPA, Vice President, Trap Rock Industries, LLC

Vince guided us with a steady hand through a challenging minority shareholder dispute in the early days of our company. Our mediated settlement protected the business, enabling us to survive and thrive afterward.

— – Mark M.

Thank you for your excellent legal guidance. As you know we get to see various levels of legal skills amongst all the attorneys the firm employs and associates with (perhaps 100+ or so over the years) and you, Attorney Gentile, are among the finest attorneys we’ve ever met.

— – David A Gelinas, Practice Administrator and Director, National Legal Center

Vince helped my business survive during a difficult business partner break-up. During times where sides were extremely emotional, and sometimes too personal, Vince knew exactly how to calm the situation down for the best interest of all parties. His rational, logical, and intelligent approach could not have been better in such a situation. And because of him, things wrapped up much sooner than they would have otherwise, and with much less drama. I can’t thank him enough.

— – Lawrence G.