Business Ownership / Governance Disputes

Vince has for many years represented parties in disputes over their ownership rights in closely held business. Typically, the allegations are that the majority owners have oppressed the minority owners through actions like locking them out of important decisions, denying them financial information about the company, terminating their employment, refusing to distribute a fair share of the profits or acting in breach of their fiduciary duties or in violation of a shareholder, partnership or operating agreement.

Vince has represented parties on both sides of such disputes and he has served as an arbitrator of such claims as well. Often these disputes play out in the context of family-owned firms, sometimes between siblings, or between different generations of owners.

Vince understands these kinds of disputes present challenges both economic and emotional. He has devised creative solutions when negotiation is possible, but where it is not, he has litigated such disputes in court and before arbitrators.

How to value the interests of the separating owners is often the key issue, and Vince has deep experience in identifying and presenting expert testimony that will be persuasive on the valuation issues, including the appropriateness of any discounts.

See a listing of Vince’s experience in business ownership/governance disputes.