Employment Disputes

Employment claims are brought against virtually every kind of employer—large and small, public and private, even not-for-profits.

The claims are often difficult to resolve because they often turn on questions of credibility concerning statements alleged to have been made or actions alleged to have been taken by the employer or its supervisory employers. They are complicated by the threat of having to pay the employee’s attorney’s fees if the employee prevails. Companies — particularly those without liability coverage for such claims — often feel pressure to settle an employee’s suit, even if the employer believe it did nothing wrong, because it cannot afford to pay the costs of defending the suit.

Vince understands these pressures and brings a common-sense approach in defending these claims, getting an early assessment of the facts and relevant witnesses and then laying out a decision-tree that would help the client evaluate whether to promote the potential for an early settlement or pursue the litigation if necessary through a summary judgment motion or to trial.

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