Civil & Commercial Disputes

Vince has represented individuals, small businesses, foreign corporations and Fortune 500 corporations in commercial disputes of all kinds. Often such disputes can be resolved through negotiation. Other times they must be resolved through mediation or arbitration, or by commencing a civil lawsuit.

Vince has helped many companies strategize about the most effective way to get the best result, and then delivered successful results- whether the dispute involves non-conforming parts under a purchase order, the breach of a land sale agreement, the failure to pay an earnout after a company has been sold, or the misappropriation of confidential information by a departing employee.

Industry Experience

Vince has handled civil and commercial disputes for a wide range of clients, both large and small, in negotiating resolutions and in representing them at trial, on appeal, and in arbitration or mediation proceedings.

He has represented manufacturing companies in many industries, including pharmaceutical, medical devices, metals manufacturing (steel and injection molding), fiber optics, computer hardware, retail electric supply, plastics, packaging, construction, and mining.

He has represented professionals and professional services firms (including physicians and physician practice groups, scientists, inventors, accountants, major accounting firms, computer software and security firms, engineering and environmental consultants, and investment firms).

He has represented consumer products and services companies, retail companies and real estate developers. Because he has represented both plaintiffs and defendants, he understands that strategies and tactics used to prosecute a lawsuit are often different those used to defend one.

Types of Disputes

Vince has wide experience in commercial disputes of many different kinds, including:

  • ownership interests and valuation of closely held companies;
  • the standard of care of professionals in performing services;
  • merchants’ rights under the Uniform Commercial Code, including remedies and damages;
  • interpreting and enforcing the terms of loans, mortgages and other and security interests;
  • breaches of contract (purchase orders, master supply and services agreements, sales of goods and services);
  • enforcement and defense of rights under indemnity provisions and settlement agreements;
  • breach of fiduciary duties, claims of fraud and fraudulent transfers, and tortious interference with contract; and
  • claims involving complex damages issues and expert testimony.

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