Environmental Disputes

Vince has also represented a number of companies on claims that they were responsible for contamination on neighboring properties or a municipal water supply. These disputes require sophisticated understanding of the science of the alleged contamination, the ability to communicate effectively with state of federal regulatory personnel, and strategic planning to achieve the most cost-effective and liability-protective solution for the client.

Vince has spent his career litigating such disputes from both sides: beginning during his tenure as an Assistant U.S. Attorney when he represented the federal government, and continuing in private practice representing owners and generators of hazardous substances. He has been lead counsel in multiparty Superfund cost recovery suits that recovered significant contributions from former owners and operators and their insurers. He also served as one of the lead attorneys defending the principal defendant from claims by the State of New Jersey over contamination of the Passaic River.

Vince can provide knowledgeable and cost-effective counsel for a company defending an environmental lawsuit or responding to a civil penalty demand, notice of violation or other enforcement action from a federal or state agency.