Real Estate Litigation

Property rights are often threatened by various government actions. Vince has represented owners in asserting and defending their rights against municipal and state actions: he has challenged the State’s condemnation of industrial land, contested the "up-zoning" of hundreds of acres of by a Township, challenged a real estate tax assessment that doubled the taxes paid by a beach club, defended a pharmaceutical manufacturer at trial against claims that it was violating the local noise ordinance, and defended a quarry owner against nuisance claims by neighboring owners and the denial of its license by the local municipality.

Because typically such governmental actions carry a presumption of validity, aggressive litigation may be the only way to leverage a negotiated result acceptable to the owner.

Vince has also represented property-interest holders in disputes with property owners, mortgage holders, and other secured lien holders. He successfully defended a contract purchaser against claims by the seller and the broker for specific performance after the purchaser refused to close on the sale of vacant land, and obtained a judgment after trial in the buyer’s favor that the conditions for the sale were not met.

When the surviving partner in a property development company refused to purchase the share of his deceased partner’s interest in two office buildings, Vince obtained a constructive trust over the two office buildings to protective the deceased partner’s interest.

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